Empowering Female Lawyers


I help female associates position themselves confidently for partnership without burning out

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Alex Conroy, LLB, MSc

Former Big-Law Partner | Certified Coach

Promotion Strategy

I work with clients on raising their professional profile, building sponsors and positioning themselves for future progression. I also help them to overcome any overwhelm, confusion or anxieties around the process.

Increase Self-Confidence

I work with clients on increasing their self-confidence so that they can feel better in themselves and take consistent action towards their goals. This might include overcoming imposter syndrome thinking or similar limiting beliefs. 

Reduce Stress & Burnout Risk

My clients work in high-pressure environments with a significant risk of burnout. I help them manage their priorities; time, boundaries; and mindset, to avoid burnout, reduce stress and actually ENJOY the career they've worked so hard to build. 

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"Through my personalised coaching sessions with Alex, I grew in confidence, learnt how to promote myself with authority and ultimately secured my dream promotion. I would recommend Alex to anyone seeking to improve their confidence and move ahead in their career. She has a ton of relevant commercial experience, is warm, insightful and fun to work with."


"I couldn't recommend Alex more highly. Her experience as a female partner meant that she understood my journey and was familiar with the challenges. Over the course of our program she helped me feel more confident in myself, less anxious and take some big steps forward in my career. I really enjoyed Alex's straightforward approach and sense of humour" 

Do you want to feel more confident in yourself at work?

Despite your many accomplishments, do you still consistently doubt yourself and feel anxious about whether you're 'good enough'?

Are you wasting time triple-checking work or over-preparing for calls? Do you feel anxious speaking-up in case you say something 'stupid'? Or perhaps you prioritise 'perfect' work over career development or your personal life! 

Is your main strategy for success to do the job even more 'perfectly' or work even longer hours?

I get it. I've been there.

For years as a lawyer, I doubted myself and normalised my economic value. 

I was a perfectionist and people pleaser. It was exhausting and slowed me down. 

The good news is... 

You're not missing the 'confidence gene', there's no such thing.  

Building self-confidence is a deliberate practice. Available to youregardless of your qualification level or how you compare to anyone else.

I can help you. 

I help women lawyers increase their self-confidence and create the career success & life they've worked so hard for. 

As a former big-law partner, I understand the practicalities and challenges of getting ahead in the legal industry. I can teach you practical strategies to increase performance, become a more influential manager and prioritise your career progression. 

As a certified coach, I will work with you to build unshakeable self-confidence and create mindsets that will transform the way you see yourself and your capacity to operate at any level. 

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