Career Coach for Professional Women


I help women show-up with confidence at work & get ahead more quickly

Career Coach for Professional Women

Alex Conroy, LLB, MSc

Former Big-Law Partner | Certified Coach

Do you wish you could show-up with more confidence at work?

Despite your qualifications or accomplishments, do you still second guess yourself, struggle to speak-up, minimise your successes, or shy away from advocating for yourself or your career goals? 

Do you compensate by trying to gain even more experience, do the job even more 'perfectly' or work even harder?

I get it. I've been there.

For years as a lawyer, I doubted myself and normalised my value. 

I was a perfectionist and people pleaser. It was exhausting! 

The good news...

The good news is there's nothing 'wrong' with you. You have a ton of economic value and you're not missing the 'confidence gene'.

I can help. 

These days I help professional women show-up with more confidence and move quickly into more senior roles. I do that by teaching them a simple framework for career progression.

As a former big-law partner, I understand how to get ahead quickly in a professional corporate environment. I help my clients create a career strategy that will guarantee success. 

As a certified coach, I work with my clients to create a mindset and self-confidence that will allow them to actually execute on that strategy. 

It's fun and it works. 


"Through my personalised coaching sessions with Alex, I grew in confidence, learnt how to promote myself with authority and ultimately secured my dream promotion. I would recommend Alex to anyone seeking to improve their confidence and move ahead in their career. She has a ton of relevant commercial experience, is warm, insightful and fun to work with."


"I couldn't recommend Alex more highly. Her experience as a female partner meant that she understood my journey and was familiar with the challenges. Over the course of our program she helped me feel more confident in myself, less anxious and take some big steps forward in my career. I really enjoyed Alex's straightforward approach and sense of humour" 

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