Helping women lawyers finally believe in themselves and show-up with confidence in their careers

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Alex Conroy, LLB, MSc

Executive Coach | Former Big-Law Partner

Do You Ever ...

  • Question whether you're "good enough"
  • Find yourself awake at night¬†worrying about mistakes
  • Second guess yourself or triple-check your work
  • Avoid¬†speaking up in case you say the "wrong" thing
  • Beat yourself up for things you¬†should have done "better"
  • Struggle to¬†say "no" to work even when you're at 1000% capacity

And now perhaps you're ...

  • Feeling exhausted or overwhelmed
  • Worried about the¬†impact on your performance or progression
  • Starting to question whether you're "cut-out" for the job


Well... you're not alone & you're NOT broken.  Let's remember who you are and what you're capable of.

Imagine a Life Where You...

  • Believe in yourself and your¬†abilities
  • Don't lose sleep over every potential mistake
  • Speak-up confidently in calls and meetings
  • Don't avoid feedback ... or praise
  • Set healthy boundaries around workload¬†
  • Understand your economic value and feel comfortable talking about it
  • Are not afraid to ASK for advancement
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You Can Do it Too...


Mid-Level Associate, City firm, London

"Through my personalised coaching sessions with Alex, I grew in confidence, learnt how to promote myself with authority and ultimately secured my dream promotion. I would recommend Alex to anyone seeking to improve their confidence and move ahead in their career. She has a ton of relevant commercial experience, is warm, insightful and fun to work with."


Mid-Level Associate, US firm, NY

"I couldn't recommend Alex more highly. Her experience as a female partner meant that she understood my journey and was familiar with the challenges. Over the course of our program she helped me feel more confident in myself, less anxious and take some big steps forward in my career. I really enjoyed Alex's straightforward approach and sense of humour" 

Meet Alex Conroy

Hi, I'm Alex. I used to be an investment funds lawyer and partner at a US firm. I struggled for years with self-doubt and stress about my work. It was so bad that I burnt out as an associate and almost gave-up on my career as a lawyer.

I had to totally change my approach to handling stress and self-doubt to save my career. The partnership track with still tough, but losing the chronic stress and constant self-critical voice, was a game-changer. I felt better, performed better and actually started to back myself for promotion. 

These days I work with female lawyers to overcome similar struggles, so they can create the success they've worked SO hard for. 

Plan to Success...

Step 1

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Step 2

Uncover exactly what's limiting your confidence and how to change the way you feel and show-up at work.

Step 3

Sign-up to my 1:1 program and start transforming your confidence, performance and future career path! 

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What You Get... 

  • Chat¬†in confidence about¬†your situation
  • Uncover exactly what's standing in your way
  • Get real-time help from someone who understands the industry and is trained in the psychology of change and human behaviour
  • Learn my simple 5-step framework for building self-confidence as a lawyer
  • Find out more about my program and discuss whether or not it would be a good fit.¬†
  • Leave the call with a new sense of confidence and clarity about your next steps
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