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I'm Alex. Former corporate lawyer and partner turned career coach for women. 

Former lawyer & partner

Does anyone really know what they want to do in their twenties? I LOVED studying law, wanted to live in the Big City and couldn't wait to make some money - so I got myself into the legal industry and stayed there for over 15 years.

worked for US firms in London for most of my legal career and made partner in my early thirties. I loved my job (most of the time...) but after partner I wanted to do something new. I wanted to be a business owner. I wanted to help other women create their own success and self-confidence. 

I have to say that although it might not have looked like it from the outside, I really struggled with confidence and self-belief for YEARS as a lawyer. My inner critic was out of control and I didn't think I was as 'good' as everyone thought I was. 

At the time, the only strategy I had for feeling more confident was to work even harder so that no-one would notice I wasn't 'good enough'. Also, surely there would be a day in the future when I would finally know 'enough' to feel confident?!


There is never enough expertise or experience that you can gain, or praise that you can collect, that will solve for an inner belief that you're not good enough. 

After working with a coach as a more senior lawyer, I realised that I had to stop relying on external knowledge and validation to feel good about myself and instead learn how to manage my own mind to build true self-acceptance and confidence. It was a game-changer for my career, self-image and confidence.  

Certified coach

After coaching had such a huge impact in my life, I wanted to learn as much as possible about the psychology behind it. Fast forward a few years and I now hold a Masters in Coaching and Behavioural Change from the University of Reading in the UK and am a certified coach with The Life Coach School in the US. 

These days I help other professional women get ahead in their careers. 

I combine science-based cognitive tools with my own practical experience in the corporate world to help my clients feel better and get the results they want.

I work with women exactly like you to...

  • show up with confidence at work
  • reduce self-doubt, imposter syndrome thinking or anxiety
  • get promoted, or set yourself well up for the next promotion
  • interview for new positions with confidence, ease and authenticity

Former Big-Law Partner

Former Partner at Kirkland & Ellis LLP and Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson LLP

Certified Life Coach

Certified coach with The Life Coach School in the United States

MSc: Coaching & Behavioural Change

Masters of Science for Coaching and Behavioural Change

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