Don't forget who you are

Uncategorized Nov 02, 2023

I was just coaching a client who was feeling really anxious. 

She was worried about an upcoming internal review.

Her fear was that they didn’t think she’s a good fit for the team.  

Her ultimate fear was the humiliation she would feel if she was let go. 

Can you relate? 

I can. 

We spent some time challenging her fears. There were plenty of assumptions and unfounded predictions running riot in her brain…

But I think the most powerful thought we explored was this…

Even if the worst happened, it was 100% survivable.  

Because she is a badass. 

She’s smart, ambitious, resilient, committed, determined, resourceful etc. etc. 

So yes, she would definitely feel BAD for a while. And then…. perhaps after some crying and soul-searching and hiding under a blanket on her sofa…. she would pick herself up, make her next best decision and move on with her life. 

So, I just wanted to offer you what I offered to her this morning …

Don’t forget who you are. 

YOU got yourself here. 

And you will deal with whatever comes your way.   

Because you, my friend, are also a badass. 
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