Don't forget about your strengths

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If I asked you to list your personal strengths, would you be able to?

I’m sure you’re an EXPERT at listing your weaknesses. All the things that need improvement, that you don’t know yet or that other people do 'better'.

No doubt you could rattle off at least 20 without a second thought.

But what about your strengths?

If you’re struggling to think of more than three or four right now, you’re not alone! A lot of the women I coach find it difficult to name their strengths.  

And the problem is, if you can’t articulate your strengths, you won’t be:

  • leveraging them to create more value at work
  • building a unique brand for yourself
  • selling them in reviews or interview processes

Not to mention that if you want professional growth plus confidence, you need to counteract all that time you spend focussing on weaknesses... 

Let me give you an example of what I mean by a personal strength. When I was a lawyer, one of my strengths was my sense of humour. I wasn’t the office clown and my jokes are pretty bad. BUT, I do find a lot of things funny.

That meant that even when transactions were collapsing around me; I hadn’t slept in days; and clients went AWOL exactly when we needed signatures, I could generally see the funny side. I’m not saying I was stress free, but my sense of humour helped me put things in perspective.

It helped me be personally more resilient, efficient and productive. It created an environment that helped my team be more efficient and productive.

Essentially, it was a personal asset that resulted in tangible $ value.

Now look, I have no idea what your unique personal strengths are, but I know that you have them. I know they create economic value. I know that you’ll be better equipped to make your case for advancement if you can describe that value.

So whether it's just to build confidence or whether you're preparing for a conversation about advancement or a new opportunity, I really encourage you to take some time to think about your personal character strengths.

  • What comes easily to you that seems harder for others?
  • What doesn’t seem like work?
  • What's the most frequent compliment you get?
  • What have you always been able to do naturally? 

Start there. And you might also want to check out the online VIA Character Strengths Survey for an additional free resource.

They’ll always be time for weaknesses, try spending some time on your strengths.

If you want some help articulating your unique strengths and the tangible value they provide, click HERE to schedule a free Discovery Call with me.


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