Increase Your Self-Belief at Work

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This is for you if you...

  • doubt yourself at work
  • feel anxious speaking-up with your opinions and ideas
  • find it awkward or uncomfortable to talk about yourself or your strengths
  • struggle to remember or describe the value you create  
  • normalise or minimise your achievements
  • want to show up to internal reviews or interviews with more confidence
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Mini-Lesson and $ Value Blueprint

In this FREE TRAINING, I'll teach you what confidence actually is (and ISN'T...). I'll help you set the foundation for self-belief without the need for any 'positive mantras' or external validation. 

The training will also help you create a simple cheat-sheet that can serve as a blueprint for talking confidently about your value during internal reviews, promotion discussions or interviews.

Self-belief is an internal process. As a certified coach, I can teach you how to create it. As a former big-law partner, I do that in a commercial context with a practical take-away for you career progression. 

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"I found this training SO useful.

I was really doubting myself at work and cringing away from talking about my achievements during review processes. 

Alex's perspective on confidence is refreshing and this training has really helped me start questioning and shifting my mindset

The worksheet is also a great practical tool to take away. I'll definitely be reading over it before my next review!

Highly recommend it.


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